It was very freeing for me…to learn how to create a healthy marriage and sex life

Nicole introduced my wife and I to the process of differentiation in a marriage, about a year and half ago. At the beginning, speaking from a male’s point of view, it was a bit challenging to become vulnerable enough to admit my faults and the role I played in affecting my marriage and our sex life. However, Nicole’s technique of inquiry guided me along the way slowly enough for me to tap into that vulnerability and to seek out what was important to me as a person, and not just as a husband. This allowed me to open up more and become more honest to my wife about my feelings and needs. It was very freeing for me to regain my integrity, and to learn how to create a healthy marriage and sex life by continuing to show up for myself and not just my wife. Nicole is very gentle in her approach as she guides you through her process of differentiation and reigniting intimacy, while helping you see the blockages you have created in your marriage or relationship. Her intuitive nature will help you untangle and release those blockages so you can live a healthier, more authentic life, creating a healthier and happier marriage, in and out the bedroom. So blessed to have had Nicole in my corner and I know she will help you too!

Our marriage truly blossomed exponentially

Learning how marriage is a people-growing process, and how the anxiety, confusion, sadness, and disconnection I had been feeling in my marriage bedroom was not only typical of a lot of marriages, but there to help me grow up and awaken to my true self and needs, has been an incredible “a-ha” experience.
Having Nicole teach me how to find true lasting intimacy and connection through reestablishing honesty, authenticity, and integrity to myself and with my husband, has given me back my freedom, joy, and peace. The insights I have gained from this journey of differentiation, including how there is no such thing as a “right way” or “wrong way” to be, has lifted the pressure of having to live a life that ultimately did not fit me (and it turns out, neither did it fit my husband’s needs either). When Nicole helped us separate ourselves from the self-created idealistic “white picket fence” idea  of what we were supposed to be, that people create when first falling in love, our marriage truly blossomed exponentially. I now know that being honest to my true nature is crucial to my soul, no matter what, and that choosing to live this way actually helps my marriage in ways I never thought possible. For that, I will forever be grateful to Nicole and the work that she does.

Even though my spouse was unable to attend, he benefited from what I had learned

Nicole equipped me with useful techniques that have helped me work through issues that have arisen in my relationship and allowed me to better navigate through difficult times with my partner. I learned a lot about myself, what role I can play in building a stronger bond and even though my spouse was unable to attend (the workshop), he benefited from what I had learned and was able to put into practice. I found her approach intuitive, enjoyed learning in an interactive environment and she is an incredibly warm and well versed instructor.

I will continue to use the tools and strategies I learned from Nicole in years to come

With loving support and compassion, Nicole helped me to get out of my own way and find my true path. What I loved about my sessions with Nicole was her ability to really hone in on the areas of my life that were leaving me the least satisfied and help me to see what was happening. It’s as if she was helping me to defog a window I’d been trying to see through for months, years. Even over the phone, she had a keen sense and perception of what was going on and could see things that I couldn’t. She guided me through my own thoughts and feelings with kindness, a listening ear, and non-judgmental support. Her insights and guidance allowed me to come out the other side of our time together with a new sense of awareness and understanding of my life and the direction I wanted to go.

When I first reached out to Nicole, I was unsatisfied with my love life and was struggling at work. She helped me to not only work through my struggles with intimacy, but to also recognize the professional path that had been calling to me all along.

I know I will continue to use the tools and strategies I learned from Nicole in years to come.

Nicole is sharing her gift with our world and I am so grateful.

Nicole has a talent for emerging the right issues in just the right way so a couple can keep growing together

Nicole Fouche has a talent for emerging the right issues in just the right way so a couple can keep growing together.  Her deep knowledge in a broad array of counseling, spiritual, and therapeutic methods gives people the resources we don’t find in our busy, daily lives.  My husband and I have attended several group sessions with Nicole and appreciate every one as a highly useful time commitment to working on the relationship.  We learn something new and look forward to the next time around.

Nicole’s passion for helping others is evident in everything she does

I had the pleasure of attending a group intimacy coaching session with Nicole.  Nicole’s passion for helping others grow and develop more deep, intimate relationships with their partners and within their lives is evident in everything she does.  Nicole’s down to earth and easy-going approach made the group session very comfortable and inviting.  Nicole discussed issues and obstacles she has dealt within her own life and how she has overcome them.  It was very inspiring and motivating to listen to her life story.  One of the most powerful and useful things I took away from the session I attended with Nicole, was a tool called the Body Compass.  Nicole took us through an exercise where we became aware of how our bodies felt different emotions.  Rather than relying on our minds to tell us what felt right, we connected with our inner-selves and felt where emotions sat in our bodies.  Having the ability to feel where an emotion sits in your body helps you better identify whether it is truly a healthy emotion or not.  It is amazing how easy it is to tune into your body and listen to it once you learn how to do it, and I use my Body Compass all the time now.  The session I attended with Nicole was a wonderful experience, and I highly recommend Nicole as an intimacy coach.  She is truly gifted in her abilities in helping others find the joy and passion in life.

I felt immediately empowered and reassured

Nicole Fouche assisted with addressing a work relationship. Her attention to detail and care greatly helped with what could have been a very painful situation.

I felt immediately empowered and reassured. I highly recommend her coaching for anyone needing to make decisions. Although the issue being addressed was work related I felt it impacted positively in my personal relationship as well.

Nicole helped me improve communications between my husband and I

Nicole has introduced me to some techniques (e.g. IMAGO dialogue) that have helped me improve communications between my husband and I. It has also made me realize what areas I needed to improve in order to be able to express myself clearer.

The conversation did not escalate into a fight and actually turned out to be quite productive

I have found the techniques I learned in Nicole’s sessions helpful in both my marriage and other aspects of my life.  For example, when my husband and I recently had a conversation that started out being quite intense and difficult, I used some of the techniques I learned from Nicole about being self-aware of my emotional and physical reactions to stress to help me manage my feelings and reactions.  The conversation did not escalate into a fight and actually turned out to be quite productive.  Nicole’s non-judgmental, relaxed manner also put me at ease and made it more comfortable for me to open up about very personal aspects of my life.

Nicole, you have changed my life!

You have transformed my marriage, and my relationship to myself. I had no idea how much information was locked away in my own physical and emotional bodies, waiting for me to access the answers my brain just could not give me. Everyone should understand how life coaching is as important as showering – having someone provide you the tools you need to access the information from yourself that therapists cannot access.
Thank you for caring enough to learn how to care for others, and for sharing your wisdom with us. I am forever grateful.

It was helpful to have a male and a female perspective

Though Nicole was the facilitator (of the workshop), it was very effective for us that both Jeff and Nicole were there together to share their experience. It was helpful to have a male and a female perspective. We appreciated your honesty and openness about your own story. It was a great jumping-off point for us, and we continued the conversation over dinner that night.

It’s already made a big impact in my life

I am glad I decided to attend your workshop. I didn’t realize it at first, but it’s already made a big impact in my life. I hope I can learn and grow from this experience. The examples and personal experiences made it very easy to understand the concepts. Thank you for sharing your experience with us, and thanks for being so honest!

Our sex life has gotten better than even our honeymoon years

My wife and I have always had a deep love for each other however we found ourselves with more than our shares of issues.  We are committed such that we did a lot of work to improve our marriage including marriage counseling.  Even with all that effort our sex life continued to deteriorate until we reached a point my wife proclaimed she did not want to have sex anymore.  I was crushed and I felt like we were at the end of our marriage.  If it wasn’t for us discovering these tools and being shown how to use them, I don’t think we would still be married.  Since that time not only has our marriage improved, but our sex life has gotten better than even our honeymoon years.  If that wasn’t enough, it has also improved our day to day marriage and my love has grown to levels I did not realize possible.  Now instead of worrying about our marriage, I look forward to what the future holds!

Jeff Adams

The pressure of having sex in a marriage has been greatly reduced for me, in a healthy way

Speaking and coming from a man’s point of view with regards to sex or the pressure of having sex in a marriage has been greatly reduced for me, in a healthy way.

Let me explain, it takes work for a man to be vulnerable and truly honest about his feelings, especially when it comes to sex. I grew up where the social norm was that boys and men are sexual beings and that women were there to satisfy that. That really never felt right for me, as I knew intuitively that women should be respected and treated kindly. With that said, friends and social groups that bought into that social norm surrounded me and I gave into the peer pressure. So I found myself believing it too.

It was not until I met my wife now, and ten years into the marriage that we learned about differentiation. Differentiation can take on many definitions, but for me, it is separating enough from your partner to find yourself without their influence. It takes inner work, vulnerability, honesty and integrity to admit your desires to yourself, especially in the bedroom. When you and your partner can do that, you will begin to unravel the layers of untruths that you have been allowing yourself to buy into when it comes to sex. I have been able to admit finally and truthfully, that all I really wanted in a relationship is true intimacy, like touching, rubbing you partner’s head while watching a show, holding hands while walking, hugging just because, and just plain being together without the pressure that we must have sex in order for our marriage to survive. I have moved pass the need for sex and am OK with not forcing it or having to have it. Not that sex is totally non-existent, but when we do, we both now know it is mutually felt and not from pressure. Sex means and feels more authentic when it happens now. I might add that becoming more spiritual and continued evolving with learning has led to a pathway into finding ME and being OK with what I see. That leads to a more truthful and fulfilling marriage on all counts, can you say FREEDOM!

My marriage is more joyful

Nicole has an unparalleled gift when it comes to coaching.  She is as insightful and wise as she is compassionate and devoted.  She is also damn brilliant.  She has helped me in ways I never dreamt possible.  My confidence is higher, my marriage is more joyful and my life overall is better for having known her.  I simply can not recommend Nicole highly enough.

We would highly recommend Nicole to couples who need help reconnecting

We approached Nicole because we were at a loss as to how to get out of our relationship cycle.  In our hectic life with two careers and three children, we have tried marital counseling with a variety of counselors in the past but did not find much success.  Nicole helped us by providing a nurturing, compassionate and empathetic environment where we could share our experiences and then move forward.  She offered tools and resources to use and to refer to while at home.  Over a course of three sessions we were able to better differentiate our individual needs, let go of negative feelings, and bounce back sooner from arguments.  One thing I liked was her husband’s engagement in the couples’ sessions.  It was helpful to hear both perspectives.  I went on to have several life coaching sessions with Nicole.  The result is that I am more confident in listening to my own voice and body.  Furthermore, I feel I have the tools necessary to continue growth individually as well as in my marriage.  I would highly recommend Nicole to couples who need help reconnecting with their spouses in addition to any individual who needs to reconnect with themselves.

Nicole’s coaching has enabled me to transform challenging relationships

Nicole is an insightful, compassionate and especially tender coach. She creates a level of intimacy and trust that are essential for exploring vulnerability and courage. Her coaching is gentle but also direct and focused, a rare combination that has enabled me to transform challenging relationships, including my relationship with myself. I always leave our sessions feeling deeply heard, understood and empowered. I can’t recommend Nicole highly enough.

It is like a miracle happened

Working with Nicole has been amazing and eye-opening for me!  For years, I had tried to implement all kinds of tools, those from therapists and those I had read about on my own, but I was still extremely frustrated in relationship, even nearing the point of thinking that maybe I’d be better off alone – learning about differentiation changed that for me!  I read about it but really needed some one-on-one guidance.  Nicole was brilliant in helping me to see what was actually happening in my relationship, as well as understand what I am responsible for so that I could appropriately take ownership and draw boundaries.  As a result both my partner and I are able to stay connected through conflict and grow where we need to.  Nicole’s coaching has rocked my world.  I can’t recommend her enough!  I was close to the point of giving up and now I am experiencing how wonderful being in relationship can be.  It is like a miracle happened.  Yes there is conflict, of course, but now we can navigate through it and stay connected.  I am deeply grateful to Nicole for her brilliant coaching.